Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some Sort of a Reunion With One Another it Seems

And all six billion of these freaks know perfectly well of it's existence... That calm cooled voice at the back of your head saying something like; don't do it! Consequence this and consequence that!.. The usual shit that we all passover for fiction.

Then 2 years down the line some prick taps you on the shoulder while grunting like a mysophobic gorilla and reminds you in a slow pro-longed shout of your past time, what would follow after that is unspeakable at this moment - but a smart person would know that he's going to surpass 6 foot 10 and his weight, grossly only starting to climax at 120kg.

So what you'd prefer to do is send him a heart felt attack to the neck - but this sort of move consists of an ancient Buddhist meditation technique called Kuji-in and the positioning called Kai which is the "sealing of inner bonds".

The deed is done, now all you've got is a split second of confusion to escape. Things tend to get messy when you're under fire so the stand your ground option is a lone road leading to defeat.
The only thing you'd have to worry about now will only come in the next 2 years or so. Just remember to go for the balls this time; the troll never ceases to forget where you're treads been laid.