Monday, September 14, 2009

Pathmaker. 2007 (Re-edit 14/09/2009)

Allot of people spoke about that feeling right then and there.
"My opinion of it would almost simulate the feeling of seeing a train coming straight towards you in the darkness. A slight rumble at your feet, while your eyes toss and turn to focus on each corner of the train. A light in the distance faintly growing, too fast to even make out what shape it really is and the closer it gets - the more you become blinded. And suddenly... The climax, a few seconds of absolute silence and calm. Until finally.. Breaking point. An empty space of thought, where you yourself, is being tossed around, and there's always this white noise in the background. So loud that it takes over your bodily functions, your vision turns to a blur and you lose all sense of direction. When finally; your body stops twisting and turning and you fall down with your ear straight into the dirt. A beating heart is what you'll hear. And a muttering body lying in the dirt, tongue paralytically hung out and tormented skin all over is what you'll get. Not that you asked for it but, it was included in the package as a whole unfortunately."

After I explained that, they still just kept sitting in the exact same place, in silence, in boredom and in cowardliness. Trailing their fingers across the sand on the ground, it seemed as if this whole idea was hopeless. That there was no way possible that it was going to happen. So I left. "Fucking morons, call me here for nothing!" They all just blankly stared at me, in the most accusing way possible, as if I was leading them to their doom. But that would be pointless, they should know their doing.
As I got close to the exit the doorman started to give me this warning of these strange people that inhabited the outside area of the complex, "You not gonna make it far. No ones treaded outside in who knows how long! This place has gone to the dogs, and they soon gonna come for you!" I just glanced at him, and as I got a few steps in front I said "Cunt!" while hiding it under my tar cough it was rude but very appropriate.

The desert is a very unforgiving place. Especially one that no man or woman has ever set foot in since the Nomad operation 100 years ago... There was a heavy gust pushing my back into a slouch. Four or five hours later, I found this arb cave setting, no clue what it was so I went in to take a look. I couldn't see it at first but the entire structure was actually man made! If I could even say that... I immediately started to become aware that this was a mal-hok, that's where all these maniacs lived. They make the structure with everyday objects, like cans or plastic - then they cover it in sand. It's usually below a hill or cliff side. And there's usually like 10 of them living inside. All fucking and fighting each other, each and every hour of every day. Not a pretty idea to come to mind, especially if the bearer is really thirsty... I picked up a nearby rock and threw it to ricochet off the corner side of the entrance and land perfectly inside. A few seconds after I did that, I heard a loud scream. "Fuck..." It was the only thought racing threw my head, I climbed quickly to the top of the rock structure and got a good overhead view of the entrance. I could hear it's feet shuffling to the door and the other one inside screaming. Soon after I could smell their unique stench. When finally... It emerged. It had an orange tint from the dust filled sunset. All 10 fingers pointing the blade like nails outwards, each one sharp enough to slice a strand of your hair in 2. Arms open wide and a breath, so heavy that you couldn't hear where it exactly was coming from without your eyes prying it out... But never the less - I could see it. The alpha-male in my opinion, not someone to screw around with, the only thing I had to defend myself was a 40.Caliber Glock 22 with only 7 rounds to bear... I was still asking myself why I had done my rock throwing deeds prior to this. But still I had never gotten a good look at one of these "people gone bad" sort of things until now.. This was a first and hopefully a last time. It was naked with long straw like hair, teeth battered and broken, long thick dirt ridden nails, reddish brown skin with scars all over. These were the Amalia of humanity. The scum of the Earth... Close your eyes, inhale long breathes, exhale only after the 2nd inhale and stay as still as a rock - The 3 survival tools to face against one of these freaks when hiding near them.. Well unless they see you, then you are fucked. But that's a far cry to anything that happens in the quarantined areas. Something I wish I never left... Thankfully it eventually gave up, unlike the rest of humanity they have weak senses. So there's no way in hell they can see or smell you easily.

So I lay, face first. baking in the sun. Waiting for the night sky. No shade, no food, no water and no spare underpants. I was over. In no condition to try attack these bastards or even defend myself. But then I realized something.. All I need is a rock! Hit the alpha male and the rest will remain in fear while I shoot them one by one. I was right above the entrance so the ambush idea seemed pretty decent. I jumped down, grabbed a hefty rock and carried on waiting. The hours drifted like days, and so did my desire to throw this massive stone. Luckily.. I started to hear shuffling in the depths of the structure once again. This time 3 of them came outside, to forage maybe?.. No matter - my heart was pounding and my body felt as if it were set on fire. I waited until I couldn't see them anymore, then I took the closest opportunity and tried to find out if any of them were still in the structure. I went on to throw another rock inside.
The rock tumbled along the uneven floor leaving a loud echo... There was nothing, just silence. I quickly got up and jumped down to enter this forsaken place, it stank of excrement, urine and rotting flesh... "Fuck it." I said to myself. There's no way I'm giving a chance like this up. So I stole everything I found - chewed bottles of water, a radio with the ariel chewed off, some rotting meat that I couldn't identify and some fruit. I was jumping for joy, and there was no cliche' "house owners returning before you leave" scenario to be seen anywhere!

"What a dom poes!!" I said to myself while laughing and running away in the moonlight. I had just made off with all of their food, water and even a radio! I even got myself some rotten meat for the vultures - being my next meal! These guys do have a habit I hear of stealing pretty or shiny things, to my benefit of course being a radio. But unfortunately everything has a crappy karma suited ending. I was running off chomping away at the banana like fruit smiling with contempt for what I had taken from them when suddenly, I heard this strange shouting coming from where the rock structure was. I immediately dropped the flesh, food and started to sprint for my life, but with my luck and karma on my side there was to be a perfectly placed rock in front of my oncoming feet. I stepped on it and the whole thing just broke into tens of pieces, I fell straight to the floor hitting my right side first. I immediately got my gun out and took aim. This was it. This was my last stand. This would end with my famous close up shot and sex scene with the girl that I happened to run into but no, movies are a fake argument that don't really seem to make sense in real life terms... The first one went down with ease, a bullet straight into the torso - where I have no idea. These people were covered in thick hair. Once the first one hit the floor, it almost started crying, but a cry that would be classed as a shriek in terror. The other 2 started to gain speed. Arms widened facing outwards from their bodies and running from an almost "crouched" posture. I lay still. One shot into the distance - A one way ticket into the night sky..
Time was running out; as each split second went by I realized I wasn't going to make it out alive. If one of these fuckers gets on me they'll rip me to shreds, even if I survive there's no way I'm going to survive the blood loss. I inhaled one quick heavy breathe, hoping it wouldn't be my last I held it and started to throw bullets... I managed to get the alpha male in the knee, as for the other... A dead hit straight to the centre of the skull.
2 were down, and I was one bullet away from running free.

As the other 2 corpses lay silent in the stone ridden floor, the alpha male was still going strong.
His knee was still working, wobbling profusely like some flimsy chair leg. I could see his eyes glistening against the moonlight. His voice was almost childlike, with very high pitched moans. A 7 foot hairy beast, foaming at the mouth with only one thing in mind. Ending your life in the quickest most powerful way against you with it's body.
Something I had only got a real grip onto at the last few seconds of the scenario; my body was still on fire inside, my arms lifted up the gun which was as light as a feather at the time. I took aim. And inhaled the final breath. The trigger led a bellowing racket echoing through the dead land. A shot straight into the chest. It took 2 or 3 steps before stumbling on top of me forcing me to the ground.
I immediately shoved the lice ridden corpse away from me and stood up. The moon was still blurring in the distance, lighting up the entire landscape around me... It reminded me of a past time not so long ago. Dwelling in the remorse of my own accomplishment. I was beaten, I was broken. I had one the battle... But now, one can only foresee the war that I've brewed.

This land is dead. It is no place for man. Not now.. Not ever.. Strange moments of fire eyed man slaves running wild. All grinding at the teeth gasping for air. These are the tarnished days of our world. The tarnished crown of humanity... We don't own this land anymore, we are the slaves of the will. And we can only tremble in it's might, for without rule - there is no reason. And without reason.... There's only doubt!

Terror Knight. 11/2007

I stood there looking at the people around me, every single person telling their whole life story in a movement of the body and mouth. I noticed how fake some people were, how they've gone through some form of hate for themselves through their lives and now they are trying to make it clear that they're a new person. The place I was at was a local bar called Horgam's. A shitty pub on the West side of town, filled with smoke and drunken idiots talking about what they did the night before and how intoxicated they were. I was alone, just an observer in and out from the crowd.

Keeping a safe distance and low profile I'd seldomly sit down and stare at each person noticing that they were all doing the exact same thing as one another. And how they were in a constant competition with themselves.. This wasn't the new age as those idiots from television would say, this was fucking human instincts at it's best. A crude idea of how primitive stupid people really are. This night would be known to haunt me for ages, the things that go on behind closed doors. The things you get told about in your early high school classes, about the people on a complete spiral down to their death from drugs and alcohol, and how they could ruin your life just by being friendly with them, almost like a goddamned leper. Throughout the night I had seen strange people, very strange people.. I recalled seeing 2 guys getting in an occupied toilet, these guys almost looked like the typical Cuban coke heads from that mid 1980's American program Miami Vice. I was standing next to the door with my water filled beer bottle wondering what the hell could be going on in there, rape? Or maybe the poor guy is getting robbed. Best to stay out of it, in fact better just to leave. These toilets were filled with excrement everywhere all over the floor. If I had to smell that again I knew I'd puke everywhere. Fucking lunatics...

In the end most of this seemed to make more sense than before, or was it just my mind telling me that. If it was then that must've been my in-cling to the insane. And from that thought, everything would just meltdown into a destructive mess of confusion and sadness.

Ninja. 2009

There is darkness, and there is light.
One or the other will bring each to fight.
For to be strong under pressure, there is set from right.
Underneath all to come, is the one with might.
Seven feet strong and marked with fright.
He is the amity man, a liar at heart bread only to fight.
Never crying, never bleeding.
And never to be seen in sight.
He bends down to offer one simple and honest plight.
"This is, my friend, the unwinnable war. I plead you calmly, for you will tremble with awe."
cloaked underneath the giant's shadow, the cat figure lowers his body towards the ground and gazes into his enemy's eyes.
His right hand slithers across his belt and a sharp glistening of light against his blade is the signal.
a split second goes by and he throws the blade 4 inches short of the eye
a sharp thump dims the environment around them...

"For this, my enemy is the last time we fight."
His weapons fall carelessly to the floor while his body holds stiff, paining him ever more.
A moaning giant lies hopeless ready to die, while the cat like figure moves closer to abide.
"A man who fights with pride will only grow to have nothing to hide.
That is why your ending has come. All in the blink of an eye."
He approaches the corpse, and leaves on top of it, a flower.
A notion of silence and a brief moment of prayer.
He scatters off into the distance with no-one to beware.

Employment today. (Bad day?) 06/2008

Most people make their living off a dream of a job they going to achieve. That job inside a billion dollar company. Owned by some obese playboy living at the top of his creation smoking his cigars, drinking his blue label whiskey and wearing a top notch suit from an unknown 80 year old Italian tayler. That job will be surrounded by your family, coming home everyday to the cliche' 1950's American dream. But this is the 21st century unfortunately.. That idea is still in peoples minds never the less, even though you can probably make a living and feed a family just by stealing clothing and accessories from celebrities then selling it on Ebay for thousands... Sounds crude but it's true.

Some people even resort to having as much unprotected sex as possible to get those cash bundle babies which can pay for that new sound system they've always drooled upon on those old electronic store windows. Maybe they might even get a house if they lucky enough to live in a first world country. If not, then it might just be enough for the miellie pap every month. Human life just for money... That's what 21st century poverty is about, its not about growing that little farm in your backyard anymore. Maybe in countries with old culture still in hand, but never in the Americanized economies of today. 8 out of 10 Americanized poverty stricken economies are living off amphetamines and prehistoric human behaviour, always involving thievery, violence, rape and sometimes murder.

These can be blamed on nothing other than media, racism and fear. Once one of these go wrong, it's a streamline of incident after incident.. All influencing some form of unrest. The main problem about it is that people will always say "When are THEY going to do something about this!?" Who is they? The government? That strange thing called military with an unmarked budget? Too few know of that little saying as every person's cushion of hope.

Misery Monkey Business... 06/2008

Started off early, round about 9pm.
A simple cider to signify the beginning of the end.
A short glance at each one of these idiots showed me what they really were. The women, dressing to impress, almost trying to look like something out of a magazine and the men, looking like typical coke heads to show their true angst towards society. In my opinion, these people looked like animals. Each one out doing eachother in the most complex yet childish ways. I walked past a crowd of them and overheard the local drug taking talk. A stupid way of explaining your involvement in this strange new sub-culture. One of them would start by explaining his drug-dealing operations, while the next would be sitting next to him wondering what to say next. How to beat this idiot. He knows absolutely everything in life is a competition, and he knows drug-abuse is the easiest competition to win.

I was sitting on the opposite end of the small room we were in, watching the kaleidoscopes forming slowly against the cigarette stained floor when suddenly, I was hearing some idiot shout at the top his voice to another guy holding a girls hand while he denies all that he had done. It took a while for me to get a grip of this man's idea he was trying to portray, eventually I understood that one of these men, probably the guy that was saying no the whole time, tried to spike the girl's drink with a dose of Scopolamine. A cruel fate in my eyes... Something you never want to get involved with. By this time everyone in the area I was in was shouting, all cursing each other, I realized something at that moment; I was surrounded by fucking animals... These people weren't the calm loving humans I thought I was living with. They were the scourge of the clan, the puke of Mother Nature. All pumped full of testosterone, ready to kill. The images I was seeing at this time reminded me of a typical life in the primate world, the males fighting for the females and fighting each other for dominance, all incidents of human error traced back to some sort of primal life. And the worst part of it all is realizing you're just one of them... Realizing you're just another one of these apes all just in a line waiting for the next moment of ecstasy in your short life. The only difference separating us from animals, is the fact we can express our primal feelings into material life. I got up from my seat, wiping my sweat soaked forehead in confusion, hearing the same reoccurring drum loop I was hearing an hour prior to that. People around me were dancing almost in trance, there wasn't any beat they were dancing to. They were dancing to an idea. An idea put in effect 10 years prior to that by some computer wizz with low confidence. Now he knows he can play anything for these idiots, a build up lasting 2 hours is just another night for him while he counts his cheque's in the mail.

I arrived in the other area of this place, a completely different environment. The people might've looked more civilized than the ones I was with earlier. But I can guarantee you, the only thing these idiots had on their mind was sex, booze and fighting. I waited cautiously at the bar for my drink, looking behind me I noticed how every man was trying to out do the next with dance. Trying to impress the woman, trying to show their potential. And I was reminded again about the apes... The bar tender came with my drink, I threw my money on the counter and walked off. There was no leaving this place, there wasn't even a safe haven for people like me so I sat down again, pretending to be heavily drunk, half closed eyes and unanswered questions. A short film idea went through my mind at that moment, a laboratory test as it looked. 2 Men in white coats, and a cage filled with monkeys. The men would stare at the camera looking at the clock in the distance shortly followed by saying "It's approximately 10am, the drug has been administered to the apes, now we have them in a congested space. If it's true what the rest of society says, this will open there mind." Slowly but surely it begins to take effect, starting off with a quite alertness. Then they begin doing strange things, like shaking the cage and staring blankly into the wall. And then there was one particular ape, the one who realized the end. The one horrified, staring at his hands from back to front. This one was the quite one, the rest were carrying on like hyper active children. One of the men got up from his chair to assess the situation, and he said to the quite one while grinning "It's working."

I opened my eyes, noticing some old friends again. Seeing people like that was the last thing on my mind, I glanced at them while I walked past to the front door. This wasn't my game. None of it ever was. The only thing to do in a moment like this is to accept it, nodding your head and shaking your leg against the floor while flickering your fingers on the table. This was the misery business, and to make your way in the misery business you have to act as though you know what you're doing. And to do that, all you need is to follow the ever crumbling laws of society...

2MUCH2SON (Old piece) 04/2008


14:57PM. I had been awake for almost 30 hours.
My partner Shaun and I had arranged a trip to go meet up with a colleague in Robertson, some shitty town above Worcester. Only god knows what goes on in that cursed place.
The sun was heavy on us and the wind was scorching to our skin, some break from the city this turned out to be.. We came with few supplies. R300 for a campsite and a decent meal, a steady supply of petrol for the car, some biltong and fruit to keep us going and a bottle of Rum. We left Cape Town at about 11:30AM, a steady 2 to 3 hour trip we took taking the N2, a rather stupid idea some people thought, to me this was for the scenery. A view of culture and spectacular land. While passing a township I realized I was being followed, I asked my partner what I should do but he just replied by saying I'm paranoid. This fucker behind us had full tinted windows and a low suspension, that being the case that there were allot of people inside. I said to my partner "There's no goddamn way I'm getting myself involved in whatever these idiots are planning!" my foot hit the accelerator pedal with full force, going from one lane to another trying to avoid the car.
Finally after a grueling 1 and a half minutes of speed we lost them, they followed us for a while then after about 30 seconds they must of realized that their car wasn't fast enough. Bunch of hooligans, never the less our mission was still on. We arrived and unpacked everything, following by some well deserved sleep.


Why was I here?
Did I really come here to meet with some idiot from Robertson?
Or has this just been one mess of confusion and doubt?
If so, then I might as well leave, people from small towns tend to get suspicious of mumbling no
brainers that come from the city side. Better to stay inside our campsite, I had another R210
for one more night and because of that my colleague would have to lie in the car until I set up
camp, due to the fact it was R90 per person. He was still completely out of it, didn't understand me at all, all he did was lay in the back of the car smoking invisible cigarettes
while grabbing the air occasionally. It looks like insanity lurks around, not the type of insanity we normally think of. It's the type that these other people have, from years and years of staying in a small space you forget about the outside. Paranoid about any outsiders, and how these outsiders will kill, rob or even rape you.

I realized it was time to recharge so I headed down to the local OK shop and brought the cheapest meat I could find, then soon afterwards I went to the chemist to buy some energy pills.
The woman at the counter was suspicious, "Who are you? What do you need these for and why?" I stood there stuttering my name "T.. T.. Terry Marais Look just give me the pills please I really need them, my friend is driving to Durban in a few hours and he is tired as anything and the only way to help is for you to give me the pills." She stared accusingly at me, as she walked to the other room to get them she STILL was looking at me on the right side of her shoulder, slowly opening the door and closing it. I was wearing sunglasses, looking constantly around the room always avoiding her. After a while she came back and gave them to me, I payed her and got the hell out of that cursed place. Thank fuck I'm a good friend, or this moron I brought with me
would probably be dead by now.
Earlier on he was shouting out the car window at people and accusing them of stealing his luggage, I turned around and shouted "Quite you fucking mad man! These people are maniacs they'll rip your head open!" He came back in the car frowning at me as if he was in some temper
tantrum, "You'll thank me in the morning, but for now get some rest. You look like you about to kill someone for god sakes". He quietly lie down and put a book over his face, finally... One problem solved, he mustv'e set our journey back at least 1 hour and 26 minutes. Time is critical
in the 21st century, you one minute late and you get that fateful call on your cell phone "You're late! I'm not interested!" shortly followed by a recurring beep.

In this day and age people are on your back whipping you like a slave 24/7 and the only way you can get rid of them is by adhering to the sacred rule set by those suit and tie wearing morons in the second car dealership industry "The customer is always right!". The customer is usually a man or woman that has no idea how your business works, asking questions after questions then
giving you tips on how to improve the way you run your business: most of the time I stand there with my hands on my hips pulling cliche faces and saying "wow really? I never knew that thanks
for the helpful info". Then the prick walks away with your quote and never calls back..
But the man I was meeting was an old customer of mine so that wouldn't be a problem, I called him to say we were running a bit late, he answered and I said "Hey man, Shaun's being a pain in the ass, but I'm sure you can understand why. I'll be there at 8 tonight."
Simple and friendly, just the man I like to do business with.

When I got back to the camp Shaun had passed out. I could see he was gonna be out for a very long time so I put him in the car. I had completely forgot about my meeting later that night, I couldn't care to be honest, the only time I did was to get that extra money for the DSTV connection I wanted. But TV isn't that important, and screw paying every month. I could use that on something important..


12:10 PM
I had slept for 16 hours solid.
Shaun was still asleep, and there were huge crowds of people in the camp.
Not our camp site but quite near to us.
All screaming and shouting to each other with a faint hiss from the meat on their braai being turned over. They were drunk already I imagined. Sounded like one hell of a party, a party I should definitely avoid. These were probably all ex border war personal from the 70s.
No way in hell I'd get involved with them, a sudden terror came to mind when I realized "Oh fuck!! I have to get out of here now before the owners ask me to leave and find out I have a companion passed out pale with vomit and mango juice stained clothing!"
I woke him up eventually with allot of water thrown on his face. "What? Where the hell are we? It's morning! We in cape town yet?" He asked. "You dumb shit, you basically fucked up the whole trip, now the owners are coming and if they find out I snuck you in they going to be pissed off!" I shouted while peaking through the side of a tree at the manager's office. My colleague got up with weak legs and asked "What do we do now? I rate we go back home and recover." "What are we gonna do? You mean what am I gonna do?! Get in the car now and cover yourself with blankets or clothing, anything to make these people leave us alone. Where's that petrol you gave me? I think the car's tank is running dry".

"It's in the boot, get me some of those chips out of there aswell." He was stumbling everywhere as if he ate a roofie or something, when he got to the car he couldn't even open the left back door, I opened it and the door hit him gently because he was leaning on it, he fell to floor afterwards scattering rocks like marbles. I burst into laughter and told him to get the fuck in the car, he got up slowly again and as soon as he reached knee level to the car I threw him in.
He was cursing me after I threw him in, kicking the windows and doors, I knew he wouldn't be able to break them, this car was built for idiots like these.

"Ok now shut the fuck up we leaving, you can cause trouble as soon as we leave this place OK?" I explained. He stared at me for a few seconds then covered himself with the blankets saying how much of a cunt I am. I thought this whole mess was hilarious, as long as this idiot behind me doesn't do anything stupid.
I packed everything and drove to the gate, the owner's wife was standing near it to wish us goodbye, I said thanks and drove off without starting good and proper conversation. Thank god for that, she would've sent one of those old ex Recce boer men to come catch us on the end of town.
Fuck that I thought, I told my colleague he could get in the front now but to my surprise he was asleep, such an insane maniac needs at least 10 to 16 hours of sleep to handle everyday life. We finally got out of that gross town and headed towards the cape of good hope, knowing I'd have no money for the next 10 days or so because I did not see that other idiot in Robertson I thought I should just stay at Shaun's place, nice flat near the Wittebome train station. Couldn't remember the name but I knew it was classy. Besides he owes me for all the rubbish from his behavior I had to put up with this whole trip.

As we drove back to Cape Town I passed alot of strange places and people, all different cultures and upbringings. Yet they all read and watch the same news as us everyday, and when they see it they'll either care or not, those who do care will give a speech to his friends or family about how this news has something to do with his life, bettering him or not. Then he'll say, "what program is after this? I think there's really good TV tonight if I'm right." Or if it's the news paper, "I wonder what good prices Game or HiFi corporation has today.." Maybe life is only good if it's good to you and when it's good to you, it's probably shit to the rest, and they make it their life's work to get what you have.

The World Spun Upwards. (Unfinished) 12/2008

We had been driving for about 2 hours. Through some old road that hadn't been used in a long time, just past Lambertsbaai we saw something in the distance.
A road block of some sort, there were all types of obstacles in the road that these people were using to stop us. A whole lot of tin roofing, tyres, oil drums and even a car on the far left that was set alight. We all started to panic.. 3 white people in a top heavy E80 Corolla, jam packed with supplies ranging from a solar panel to a whole mess of auto parts and not forgetting we had a hefty hunting kit supply that we stole from Peter's father. We could use it to defend ourselves but I highly doubt that 2 9mms and a 30-06 rifle are going to make that much of a difference seeing as though we are in a car.

We all started to quieten down, somehow we had all agreed without speaking on the idea to just drive straight through. I knew this by everyone bracing themselves. The closer we got the more softer things around me became, I started to be able to hear them whistling at us and shouting. The car's engine just became an ambiance to the area, and all I could hear were the tyres rolling against the asphalt. We were about 50 metres away now, just a few seconds until we die or survive. I chose to take a detour around the road block on the right side. And as I did so a young child ran towards us thinking we would stop, unfortunately we all had no intentions to. His lower torso hit the left fender of our car and for a split second I could see him looking straight into my eyes... I had never seen such apathy before. I had never felt such disappointment before. He rolled towards the windscreen screaming, hitting his head straight against the glass, a massive dent that cracked so clean it had to be some undiscovered form of art. As we got about 50 metres away I started hearing these strange noises, it almost sounded like rocks hitting the metal of the car. I soon realized what it was and I started driving all over the place to avoid them. We had gotten about 200 metres away now.

We were in the clear. As though I thought... My friend in the back grabbed my shoulder, his hand was shaking and I knew exactly what was wrong. He said in the most child like manner while gasping for air "I'm hit! Cunts got me on my fucking shoulder! The left one! I can't feel it that much, the only thing is that it's really hot!" I stopped the car underneath a nearby bridge. We hauled him out and threw him on the floor, he started screaming from the pain. Peter quickly got him on the boot and started to hold his mouth closed. "Go inside, lift the back seat up I've got a first aid kit there!" Peter said cautiously while looking in every corner and open area. I started throwing everything in my way out of the car; the hunting kit, the water and some clothing. I climbed out and gave the first aid kit to peter, his hand was bleeding profusely - probably from Ryan biting on it, obviously just shock. I didn't know that much about first aid, but the only thing I did know was that anti-septic was good and bleeding was bad. So I poured some vodka straight onto his wound. Both Peter and Ryan started screaming from the pain. Peter took his hand from Ryan's mouth, there was no way this was going to be a silent job. Ryan started biting down on his teeth, shouting for me to help him. I took more vodka and threw it on a cloth, then I tightly wrapped it around his shoulder and through his under-arm. Peter came to me with sugar water and insisted that Ryan should drink it. There was a slight pause at this moment. The only things to be heard was Ryan's groaning and a strange sound getting closer on the road above us. Once again we were in the shit, Peter and I stared at each other and I noticed how we started getting into this fight or flight mode.

Our breathing deepened, our actions became entwined and it was almost like we were communicating without any speech. We both went for the guns and got the 2 9mms. I only noticed now how little ammunition we had, 3 magazines for each gun, excluding the 30-06 - we had a whole box of 30 bullets. As we were loading up I said to Peter "You really think these people have communication? Like radios or whatever? Because I highly they do, I think we should pull off a trap. Then steal their vehicle and their guns!" Peter frowned at me and started laughing. "And what if they have some bakkie with 6 people in the back hey?! Still want to pull off some Rambo kak here? Fuck you we staying right here. If they come, then we will attack. If not then we let them know we aren't here. Understand?!" I could here them getting closer. "Wait here with Ryan, I'm going to take a look and see what we're really dealing with.." Peter grabbed me as I started walking. "You walk away and I swear I won't help you." I stopped and turned around. "So where you going once you run out of petrol or water? There's no fresh rivers or lakes around here buddy. This is Namaqualand. These people coming down the road obviously don't live around here, and there's no fucking way I'm letting a chance like that slip through my fingers. They'll have supplies! Stuff we need you know? Water, petrol, ammunition.. What ever the fuck you want they'll have at least one of. Now I'm going up there to see if we're dealing with anything dangerous. Who knows maybe it's some boer that can help us and give us a better place to stay! A place that ISN'T 300 fucking kilometres away!" He let me go after that, finally...

I ran up the bridge with Peter following, to a huge bush that was covering a square 3 metre corner of the concrete. We sat and waited for whatever was coming.. And to our relief we started to recognize the sound of a 2-stroke motorbike engine. Peter and I giggled for a few seconds. We were expecting some bakkie full of tikked up schizos. The bike was about a 100 metres away, we started to notice that there were 2 passengers as well as a driver. It slowly creeped onto the bridge, and as it did so we jumped out waving our guns around. The driver got such a fright that he tried to maneuver around us, unfortunately physics told otherwise... They all fell and rolled in our direction for about 3 or 4 metres. As one of them fell he started searching his bag. We took the most hostile scenario possible and started beating them, we took the bag and found an old revolver inside. Along with a handful's worth of bullets. "Wat plek gaan jy!? Wie is jy en jou vriende?!" Peter shouted repeatedly. As he was speaking to one of them I told the other 2 to take their shoes, pants and jacket off leaving their shirt and underpants to themselves. I started looking through their pockets. The only things I found was a cell phone, 3 bags of tabbaco, 1 bag of dagga, a pipe and rizla. These men were just bystanders, no one that important. After about 5 minutes of Peter shouting at them they told him that they were from a nearby town called Doeranbaai, he went on to explain that he was coming from Langebaan to escape what had happened in Cape Town.

We still didn't know the full story of how everything just went to shit but we knew that the whole city was in complete peril. One of the main reactors at Koeberg had apparently exploded aswell... Which made no sense seeing as though we didn't see a nuclear blast. But one thing we did know and see was the hurricane damage. Yes a fucking hurricane... We still had no idea how something like that could happen and disappear so fast but it did, luckily for us we were far enough at the time that it happened. At Peter's farm in Malmesberry.

After he told Peter that Koeberg blew up, we didn't know what to say. And it seemed very possible due to no one having any power... "Hey what's happening? Who the fuck are these guys? You two do this? Jesus Christ.. Nice work!" I stood in disbelief and told Ryan what they told us. "Ja we did, they crashed though so it wasn't that hard.. But this guy here tells Peter that one of the main reactors at Koeberg blew up! It doesn't sound that mad though, don't you think? I mean we got no power and everyone is evacuating through the mainland." Ryan laughed and replied "Fuck... That is abit crazy hey. Remember that Russian city Chernobyl? Well their power station also blew up, also nuclear aswell. Now when it explodes it doesn't create that typical mushroom cloud type of shit... The explosion isn't big at all, it's enough to blow up the building it's in, that's all. But it's the radioactive wind that gets everyone in the kak." I sat down and took a deep breathe. "Ok now what the fuck are we gonna do about these idiots?" Peter replied by saying. "Take what you want and leave them."

We took their bag with the gun inside and an old army jacket that the driver was wearing. There was no point taking the bike or petrol inside it seeing as though it was a piece of shit and all of the petrol was mixed with 2-stroke already. We told them to leave first, and they did just that. Luckily they went on the coastal road, a place we were staying far from for now. The road we were going to take was next to the Sishen-Saldanha Railway line. We waited until we couldn't see them anymore, and soon after we got in the car and carried on with our journey. The place we were heading to was lutzville another hour and a half long trip, I knew someone who had a farm nearby. Too bad none of us had any idea of what lay ahead.


We came into Doerenbaai, the town was dead silent besides for the poverty stricken people who lived on the outskirts. We noticed something strange ahead of us, something we'de never forget. The lands were endless and the seas were gone. Miles and miles of open land where the sea used to be. You could smell the stench of rotting fish as soon as you got into town. All over there were people picking up the left over crayfish, about the only thing still fresh enough to eat - We didn't have the time to waste on such things. But one thing we did have time for was to get this momentary cripple in the back of the car fixed up and ready to go. A perfect idea, never the less a stupid one. As soon as we drove into this place, the eyes started prying. Everyone had their one eye on us, and these people weren't your friendly neighbors. They were half-crazed blood thirsty animals. All ready to start clawing at your door for the smallest bit of scrap food. We all started arguing with each other about this new found idea that Ryan was so fond about. To him maybe, but to us... There was no way. Besides where the fuck does he expect to find a doctor in the mists of this place? So we carried on.. We were 50Km from our destination, and hopefully this being the last stretch untill we figured out what was really going on.

We stopped right outside the entrance to the farming community, the one where we were headed to. We stopped to get water for Ryan. As we did so we could hear the sound of music in the distance, large thumping bass - the sound of a diesel engine soon followed aswell. And then the sound of shouting a few seconds afterwards. Our car was hidden behind the reeds. We could hear them all shouting and screaming, drugged up or boozed up it made no difference. These people were the same story as the last and they had troubled us before, from climbing into the farmhouse from the roof and excreting all over the place to camping on our land and helping themselves to the lambs. All of us sat dead still, each clutching onto our excuses for life savers - these guns that we stole. Slowly but surely they disappeared into the distance. We immediately got back in the car and started to put foot, there was no way in hell we were going to get caught by the next truck load.

Everyone had their eyes on us, the fishing village is situated at the bottom of the road - so what ever car comes through, everyone sees and hears it. We got about half way through the village when some moron tried to shout at us that the devil was here and god is coming very soon. Obviously just an Apocalypse believer. We carried on, we could see that he wasn't meaning to harm. People were scavenging everywhere, the local dump was full of people just searching through everything. And if they were desperate enough to do that, who's to say they haven't done so already to the farmhouse? I suggested the idea to Peter and Ryan. They didn't say anything, they knew it had probably happened already. They knew we'de find some corpse with every window and door kicked in. Well... That was what they thought, luckily for us my uncle was a paranoid bastard who had already been driven insane by the previous intruders.

The gate entering the farm had been broken, everything appeared to be normal, hell even the diesel tank was still standing. We slowly approached his house, the place was a locked up tight fortress. We went to the front door and asked him to come outside, the door even had a metal plate on it to prevent people from kicking it in. We waited for a few minutes, there was some hefty shuffling noises coming from inside the place. Suddenly the window next to the door crashed open to my uncle pointing his rifle at us "What the fuck are you doing here!? How did you get here?! Where your parents?!" We all looked at each other... I was the first to start speaking. "Have you heard what's happened in Cape Town? Have you seen what's happened to the sea? And I have no idea where my parents are... I think they've evacuated. Well I hope so..." He focused his eyes on me, squinting them. "Yes I have heard about it and yes I have heard about the sea, I have no idea why this is all happening so don't ask. What the fuck happened to your friend he looks like a mess! Hold on I'll open up for all of you..." The latches and bolts all started to click and the door was soon wide open. We were safe, for the moment... My uncle looked like he hadn't slept yet he pointed to Ryan and I and explained. "You, take your shirt off and you get some hard liquor. This is not going to be painless, I have to get the bullet out of your shoulder and I'm going to use something that has been used for generations." He started to heat up an iron rod. We all knew what he was planning on doing. Ryan stood in horror as my uncle slowly started to get ready. Finally he sat down, and it began - Ryan's face was something I had never seen before. He was in such pain that he was using his shoe as a jaw clencher, his eyes were rolling around his head and he was shouting at the top of his voice. Hopefully this was the last time we'de have to hear it.

After about an hour or so afterwards Ryan was out. He had drunken himself to shit. Which we were planning on doing, for his sake and for ours. My uncle came from the kitchen, threw the soap water off his hands and sat down next to us. "Now tell me how you ended up here, I have to know." I took a long breath and started to explain.

"Ryan, Peter and I all went to Peter's dad's farm for the weekend. We had woken up at about 2ish to the sound of the fire brigade's syrons, all screaming terribly down the road. I went outside and asked the nearest person what was happening. "I don't know for sure but apparently there's a massive storm coming this way. I'm sure we'll be fine though, we've survived storms many of times, probably just a freak thing happening on the coast." I didn't take it seriously at first. Untill I saw the police escorting people out of the outdoors and into the public facilities. They were shouting at us to leave with them. Something about the sea level or tides? The rain above us didn't tell anything extraordinary but In the distance I could hear more shouting, not the type where people are talking loudly but the type of shouting where people were getting hurt. My curiosity was soon answered when I saw this guy running with a black bag, the police soon caught him and started to beat him. The stuff inside of the bag? Electronics, shoes etc.. Obviously just looting some place. I turned to my right and saw blue lights flashing in the distance, the road coming inside the town from Cape Town had been blocked off by police, no one was allowed out that way but people were allowed in. I immediately ran back inside. "You think we should go? I heard and saw some dodgey shit out there hey! People screaming and saying Cape Town's flooded or in some storm or something... And the police letting no one out into town, these crazy choef kops looting places and everything! I think we should leave. I mean we can go up to my uncle Frank's farm, it's near Lutzville. This place is like 300 something KM away up north and besides I don't think that, that road's been blocked. I mean even if it is we can go around..." They stared at me, speechless. Peter got up and put his shoes on, "Ok, I'm going. That doesn't sound good about what's happening in town and all, I mean... Not alot of people over here get worked up so easily about anything. So there must be some sort of heavy shit going down. Go get Ryan upstairs, I'll pack some stuff in your car that ok?" I agreed and set off. The morning was still early and the rain still surrounded us. We were far from the sea, and wanted to stay that way. Stories about flood always got me shit scared. There's no escape from flood, once you're stuck in it you're ruined. Especially if you're in a car with R20,000 worth of supplies. So we left finally, with no radio or cell phone signal. A strange solitary ride we were going to have for the next few hours. Luckily we were prepared. And luckily there was no flood, but still do you have any form of communication? What about the satellite internet here!?"

Frank just started at us, "Wow.. That's some story, so you think you guys can fend for yourself here? Just because you have guns? These people aren't stupid.. They haven't come here yet. And when they do I doubt they going to come unprepared. They know me, they've seen my guns aswell. There's no fucking way they going to forget about something like that. I'll let you stay here under one condition, you have to keep guard at night and fetch water from the pump down at the fields. That's all... And no the telephones are out and there is no cellphone signal. Satellite internet? That still works? I thought it was only for your aunt's house down the road?"We were both relieved."Ok that's fine don't worry we'll handle it. But about the internet... If I can set it up right then we can use it to find out what the fuck is happening everywhere." I immediately tried to get this internet working, after a while I eventually did and what I found was an eye opener. Apparently something of earthquake proportion had happened in the Pacific, to do with the ocean floor. It cracked in such a way that it actually created an opening of some kind. Basically like creating space for water. It then created a water droplet effect and sent tidal waves in all directions. Luckily this was all in the vicinity of the Japan side of Asia. There were reports of all kinds of incidents all over the world. Just one of them being that Koeberg exploded, they said the reason was "Unknown" because they needed time to investigate. Now Cape Town was just a mess of radio-active winds. Another Cheynoble as the reporters would say... I had no fucking idea what to say about any of this. We all sat in silence after I read everything out aloud.