Thursday, August 15, 2013

Water Dance

Don't dry off the water,
wait awhile instead.
It likes to seep,
deep inside the Earth.

Don't be fooled,
it creeps through cracks,
but in time,
you won't resist.

Water respects its taker,
defying its giver.
Water is Freedom.
Water is Anarchy.

Love your water,
Be Grateful.
Nature likes to move.
God loves to dance.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Sun

I take hours to wake myself up.
To get out of bed,
to face the new sun.

I stagger back into my hole,
so I can watch the sun creep a little higher.
This day is far from over,
but I can already foretell,
its Plan.

So I sit.
I sit up straight,
and watch the sun,
as it gets a little higher.

Every nook and cranny,
on my floor.
I gaze and admire,
an age old tradition,
from cot to pyre.

No one told me,
how life,
has a funny way,
of watching the way we do.

Still we watch together,
we watch the sun.
And we sigh relief
watching its path be done.