Friday, October 8, 2010

The Divinity We Hold. The Ignorance We Explore. 02/2009

I Am.
The roamer.
The traveler, the explorer.
The divinity of matter and energy.
To myself there is no timespace nor spacetime. The world was my playground.
And I burned it to the ground, starting with the dry leaves and grass blades once trod on worlds end.
This was all that was left, a corpse in the healing process. The undisputed killer to understanding, the impossible communique and the shredded ego. I wasn't alive or dead. I was simply conscious.

The Snapping Point.
I watched as my breathing body grew further and further away. As I saw it happen I turned around to speak, but as I turned my words had already been used, not by anyone else but by myself. And as I waited for an answer the world I was in started trembling beneath my feet, my hands started twisting and turning, my body started screaming. Yet.. This wasn't physical at all. I was sure of it because I wasn't used to this body, it was as unique as my own but it had no real energy.

The Glider.
This is the part where you see and try understand.
The part where everyone will be talking and acting at the exact same time.
And what's amazing is, you'll listen and see what you want. Nothing more and nothing less.
Because it's you that needs the message you desire, and where-ever there are questions there is always some form of an answer.

The Explosion.
Wake up, get a pen.