Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hypocrisy, the ego and human degeneracy

In it's purest and most lovable form.
It can only unfold no less than every day in and every day out.

The only question I have for the knowing is... Why would you so blindly follow the inevitable when the outcome is merely the same answer that humanity has been cursed with over and over again in each and every single generation since the Babylonians and beyond - when one person after the next, falls deeper into the misunderstood trap that is the false ego that authority has created for us to blossom in. And into what? Into the human understanding today that is so deeply entrenched in reckless animalistic ambitions; it would take years if not generations to change.. We call it, the ego.

It's the ego that you all so blindly follow, never changing and never breathing. It remains as dead as the killer's soul intention... Dimmed down or put down - we all can feel the wounds over time but yet we still push ourselves to forget and choose to thrive in it; the devilish world of deceit and hate. Nothing could put the term of the 21st century human ego into light to those who are not aware of it. Simply because the 21st century has begun a new frontier in the development of the false ego, people now enjoy the life of false happiness - and this false happiness we have created, has ripened us for the picking in a 'one thought, one mind community'. A material life where we constantly get battered into money, fashion, fast cars, fast women and obliteration of the self. This isn't your hollywood life, it's what you've been molded into believing. And it's what you want to believe is the best path to your own salvation. And sadly the salvation for the modern man is not enlightenment, not love, not the positive effects you have on other people..... It's acceptance.

And accepting to be fooled into this false idea of life through money, glamour and modernized family tradition will only cause you to lead a lifeless understanding of what it really means to be FREE AND KNOWING.