Wednesday, June 16, 2010


What if I did something to you, and thought the complete opposite? In other words - I do something, think it's positive and then you just fester over it thinking how much I am in the wrong and that how I am destined for "justice" or "revenge" if I could put it that way.. Just a come back in other words. Am I supposed to be waiting for that slap in the face?

Maybe someone does/says something to you and in your eyes it's horribly wrong, but to them - it's as normal as anything else they would do, and they are not even aware of what they have done. Are they waiting for a certain doom/revenge/justice coming from your side? It doesn't necessarily mean that they are in the wrong in the "universe's" or "god's" eyes but it basically means that you are pushing your own opinion into another person's destiny. Which is... Totally stupid don't you think? The great question is... WHO IS THE JUDGE?

Take the Torah (Hebrew bible) into question. What about the phrase "An eye for an eye"... Is that supposed to be interpreted as revenge, justice or maybe.. Consideration? And remember justice can also be repeating the offense to the offender to give him/her a "taste of their own medicine". Revenge can just be "getting back" at the person no matter what it is, the only goal revenge has is making their experience difficult in any way possible so the limit is limitless in other words.

And the Christian Bible which speaks of turning the other cheek?.. That's the universal justice that is supposed to be in view no matter how long the wait is. In other words, you can kick back and watch everything happen in view because.. It is going to happen. Right?..

And then you get the Atheists talking about "Universal Laws"... Aren't universal laws what you make of it? If I get brought up to believe that there is a reaction for each and every action then what way do I present each action?
What if I got told that the most important object in my life was to go to war and risk my life for a religion. And if I had to die I would be living like the Divine in heaven? What then?
When I have a spear through my heart would I have a smile on my face?
The sad truth is that ideas like that have and still do exist; take a look at the suicide bombers involved with al Qaeda...

Or what of the Qur'an? It clearly depicts that you have an option for an exact retribution towards the offender; acceptance of a token of forgiveness (eg: money or whatever it may be) OR... Complete forgiveness towards the action. No it doesn't matter on how serious the offense is, and if it did - the Qur'an would state it.

All I'm saying is.. Are you the judge?

If that is the case with Karma, then you better watch your actions and words because there are a lot of people out there...