Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Age of Aquarius.
AKA: The Age of The "Light".

Billions of people around the world, reuniting in the once lost unity that is humanity.
The transition is slow, the change is magnificent; but the consequences, ever so deadly.
For with change into the positive, comes an equal influx of the negative.

This is duality; the masculine, the feminine; yin and yang... The very essence of life itself. So goes the long forgotten teachings of the many ancient cultures and tribes from across the planet.
People are beginning to wake up; they are beginning to open up, and with that they will soon start to rise up in solidarity to join one universal cause.
This has been in the works for quite some time now and we are adapting to it at an incomprehensible pace. Yet the masses are only starting to really connect and react to the awakening now.
Things are speeding up.
Who knows what will be in store for us around the corner. The idea of this transition into a new age is not anything new. Infact it's thousands of years old... Which is the most daunting thought of it all.

There have been many cultures from the past which have roughly pinned the date of this incredible advancement of our age. By no means does this confirm that our end is near... This world will never end, and this merely is the beginning of something greater.