Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sweet Society of the West

It could be deception.
A sentence with so much meaning I couldn't even begin to describe what it entails for me or the rest of humanity. People are so susceptible to deception that I doubt it will ever be understood completely. Mostly due to man's ignorance and arrogance... Which to no surprise, is attributed directly to the ego.
But on the other hand, if you know of its existence.. Then you can expect the day when it will hit you point blank in the face. For you will wake up with widened eyes and fire in your heart.
The true face of human kind...

Then again, it could be intuition.

That rumbling sensation... Deep inside your belly... That "gut feeling"...
Something that most people always overlook in their lives. Which usually leaves them in some sort of mid-life crisis; hating almost everything that they've worked so hard to achieve and build up over the years.
What is most frustrating for these types of degenerates is that their need, desire and obsession for wanting change in their life grows stronger and stronger by the day after they experience this realization. This is a fairly common situation in Western society.
You have to understand why.
This is simply because of the way people interpret their desires during their youth and early adult life. Whether it's focused around money, love, security or acceptance. There is always some personal mendacious objective in the works, usually based on an old pre-adult fixation of success.

So ask yourself... What is success in Western society?
Is it following your passion?
Is it creating happiness?
Is it finding security and acceptance?
Is it finding love?
Or is it simply.. Just making money?...
The problem is, it's all of the above..... Most people don't realize that you cannot be truly 100% successful in Western society. It is designed to keep you accepting time and time again that your life will never be as good as your neighbor's (who is doing the exact same thing as you by the way).

With these games of greed & envy, it is assured that the majority will all be constantly dreaming of a better life. Forgetting their true purpose, their true aspiration and their true calling... The ingredients that make up a sardine society; where millions of people have the same dreams and same goals - to never look inside themselves so that they can find true happiness and self discovery.

Until then, we wait...

Anytime you are ready....