Monday, September 14, 2009

Employment today. (Bad day?) 06/2008

Most people make their living off a dream of a job they going to achieve. That job inside a billion dollar company. Owned by some obese playboy living at the top of his creation smoking his cigars, drinking his blue label whiskey and wearing a top notch suit from an unknown 80 year old Italian tayler. That job will be surrounded by your family, coming home everyday to the cliche' 1950's American dream. But this is the 21st century unfortunately.. That idea is still in peoples minds never the less, even though you can probably make a living and feed a family just by stealing clothing and accessories from celebrities then selling it on Ebay for thousands... Sounds crude but it's true.

Some people even resort to having as much unprotected sex as possible to get those cash bundle babies which can pay for that new sound system they've always drooled upon on those old electronic store windows. Maybe they might even get a house if they lucky enough to live in a first world country. If not, then it might just be enough for the miellie pap every month. Human life just for money... That's what 21st century poverty is about, its not about growing that little farm in your backyard anymore. Maybe in countries with old culture still in hand, but never in the Americanized economies of today. 8 out of 10 Americanized poverty stricken economies are living off amphetamines and prehistoric human behaviour, always involving thievery, violence, rape and sometimes murder.

These can be blamed on nothing other than media, racism and fear. Once one of these go wrong, it's a streamline of incident after incident.. All influencing some form of unrest. The main problem about it is that people will always say "When are THEY going to do something about this!?" Who is they? The government? That strange thing called military with an unmarked budget? Too few know of that little saying as every person's cushion of hope.