Monday, September 14, 2009

Pathmaker. 2007 (Re-edit 14/09/2009)

Allot of people spoke about that feeling right then and there.
"My opinion of it would almost simulate the feeling of seeing a train coming straight towards you in the darkness. A slight rumble at your feet, while your eyes toss and turn to focus on each corner of the train. A light in the distance faintly growing, too fast to even make out what shape it really is and the closer it gets - the more you become blinded. And suddenly... The climax, a few seconds of absolute silence and calm. Until finally.. Breaking point. An empty space of thought, where you yourself, is being tossed around, and there's always this white noise in the background. So loud that it takes over your bodily functions, your vision turns to a blur and you lose all sense of direction. When finally; your body stops twisting and turning and you fall down with your ear straight into the dirt. A beating heart is what you'll hear. And a muttering body lying in the dirt, tongue paralytically hung out and tormented skin all over is what you'll get. Not that you asked for it but, it was included in the package as a whole unfortunately."

After I explained that, they still just kept sitting in the exact same place, in silence, in boredom and in cowardliness. Trailing their fingers across the sand on the ground, it seemed as if this whole idea was hopeless. That there was no way possible that it was going to happen. So I left. "Fucking morons, call me here for nothing!" They all just blankly stared at me, in the most accusing way possible, as if I was leading them to their doom. But that would be pointless, they should know their doing.
As I got close to the exit the doorman started to give me this warning of these strange people that inhabited the outside area of the complex, "You not gonna make it far. No ones treaded outside in who knows how long! This place has gone to the dogs, and they soon gonna come for you!" I just glanced at him, and as I got a few steps in front I said "Cunt!" while hiding it under my tar cough it was rude but very appropriate.

The desert is a very unforgiving place. Especially one that no man or woman has ever set foot in since the Nomad operation 100 years ago... There was a heavy gust pushing my back into a slouch. Four or five hours later, I found this arb cave setting, no clue what it was so I went in to take a look. I couldn't see it at first but the entire structure was actually man made! If I could even say that... I immediately started to become aware that this was a mal-hok, that's where all these maniacs lived. They make the structure with everyday objects, like cans or plastic - then they cover it in sand. It's usually below a hill or cliff side. And there's usually like 10 of them living inside. All fucking and fighting each other, each and every hour of every day. Not a pretty idea to come to mind, especially if the bearer is really thirsty... I picked up a nearby rock and threw it to ricochet off the corner side of the entrance and land perfectly inside. A few seconds after I did that, I heard a loud scream. "Fuck..." It was the only thought racing threw my head, I climbed quickly to the top of the rock structure and got a good overhead view of the entrance. I could hear it's feet shuffling to the door and the other one inside screaming. Soon after I could smell their unique stench. When finally... It emerged. It had an orange tint from the dust filled sunset. All 10 fingers pointing the blade like nails outwards, each one sharp enough to slice a strand of your hair in 2. Arms open wide and a breath, so heavy that you couldn't hear where it exactly was coming from without your eyes prying it out... But never the less - I could see it. The alpha-male in my opinion, not someone to screw around with, the only thing I had to defend myself was a 40.Caliber Glock 22 with only 7 rounds to bear... I was still asking myself why I had done my rock throwing deeds prior to this. But still I had never gotten a good look at one of these "people gone bad" sort of things until now.. This was a first and hopefully a last time. It was naked with long straw like hair, teeth battered and broken, long thick dirt ridden nails, reddish brown skin with scars all over. These were the Amalia of humanity. The scum of the Earth... Close your eyes, inhale long breathes, exhale only after the 2nd inhale and stay as still as a rock - The 3 survival tools to face against one of these freaks when hiding near them.. Well unless they see you, then you are fucked. But that's a far cry to anything that happens in the quarantined areas. Something I wish I never left... Thankfully it eventually gave up, unlike the rest of humanity they have weak senses. So there's no way in hell they can see or smell you easily.

So I lay, face first. baking in the sun. Waiting for the night sky. No shade, no food, no water and no spare underpants. I was over. In no condition to try attack these bastards or even defend myself. But then I realized something.. All I need is a rock! Hit the alpha male and the rest will remain in fear while I shoot them one by one. I was right above the entrance so the ambush idea seemed pretty decent. I jumped down, grabbed a hefty rock and carried on waiting. The hours drifted like days, and so did my desire to throw this massive stone. Luckily.. I started to hear shuffling in the depths of the structure once again. This time 3 of them came outside, to forage maybe?.. No matter - my heart was pounding and my body felt as if it were set on fire. I waited until I couldn't see them anymore, then I took the closest opportunity and tried to find out if any of them were still in the structure. I went on to throw another rock inside.
The rock tumbled along the uneven floor leaving a loud echo... There was nothing, just silence. I quickly got up and jumped down to enter this forsaken place, it stank of excrement, urine and rotting flesh... "Fuck it." I said to myself. There's no way I'm giving a chance like this up. So I stole everything I found - chewed bottles of water, a radio with the ariel chewed off, some rotting meat that I couldn't identify and some fruit. I was jumping for joy, and there was no cliche' "house owners returning before you leave" scenario to be seen anywhere!

"What a dom poes!!" I said to myself while laughing and running away in the moonlight. I had just made off with all of their food, water and even a radio! I even got myself some rotten meat for the vultures - being my next meal! These guys do have a habit I hear of stealing pretty or shiny things, to my benefit of course being a radio. But unfortunately everything has a crappy karma suited ending. I was running off chomping away at the banana like fruit smiling with contempt for what I had taken from them when suddenly, I heard this strange shouting coming from where the rock structure was. I immediately dropped the flesh, food and started to sprint for my life, but with my luck and karma on my side there was to be a perfectly placed rock in front of my oncoming feet. I stepped on it and the whole thing just broke into tens of pieces, I fell straight to the floor hitting my right side first. I immediately got my gun out and took aim. This was it. This was my last stand. This would end with my famous close up shot and sex scene with the girl that I happened to run into but no, movies are a fake argument that don't really seem to make sense in real life terms... The first one went down with ease, a bullet straight into the torso - where I have no idea. These people were covered in thick hair. Once the first one hit the floor, it almost started crying, but a cry that would be classed as a shriek in terror. The other 2 started to gain speed. Arms widened facing outwards from their bodies and running from an almost "crouched" posture. I lay still. One shot into the distance - A one way ticket into the night sky..
Time was running out; as each split second went by I realized I wasn't going to make it out alive. If one of these fuckers gets on me they'll rip me to shreds, even if I survive there's no way I'm going to survive the blood loss. I inhaled one quick heavy breathe, hoping it wouldn't be my last I held it and started to throw bullets... I managed to get the alpha male in the knee, as for the other... A dead hit straight to the centre of the skull.
2 were down, and I was one bullet away from running free.

As the other 2 corpses lay silent in the stone ridden floor, the alpha male was still going strong.
His knee was still working, wobbling profusely like some flimsy chair leg. I could see his eyes glistening against the moonlight. His voice was almost childlike, with very high pitched moans. A 7 foot hairy beast, foaming at the mouth with only one thing in mind. Ending your life in the quickest most powerful way against you with it's body.
Something I had only got a real grip onto at the last few seconds of the scenario; my body was still on fire inside, my arms lifted up the gun which was as light as a feather at the time. I took aim. And inhaled the final breath. The trigger led a bellowing racket echoing through the dead land. A shot straight into the chest. It took 2 or 3 steps before stumbling on top of me forcing me to the ground.
I immediately shoved the lice ridden corpse away from me and stood up. The moon was still blurring in the distance, lighting up the entire landscape around me... It reminded me of a past time not so long ago. Dwelling in the remorse of my own accomplishment. I was beaten, I was broken. I had one the battle... But now, one can only foresee the war that I've brewed.

This land is dead. It is no place for man. Not now.. Not ever.. Strange moments of fire eyed man slaves running wild. All grinding at the teeth gasping for air. These are the tarnished days of our world. The tarnished crown of humanity... We don't own this land anymore, we are the slaves of the will. And we can only tremble in it's might, for without rule - there is no reason. And without reason.... There's only doubt!