Monday, September 14, 2009

2MUCH2SON (Old piece) 04/2008


14:57PM. I had been awake for almost 30 hours.
My partner Shaun and I had arranged a trip to go meet up with a colleague in Robertson, some shitty town above Worcester. Only god knows what goes on in that cursed place.
The sun was heavy on us and the wind was scorching to our skin, some break from the city this turned out to be.. We came with few supplies. R300 for a campsite and a decent meal, a steady supply of petrol for the car, some biltong and fruit to keep us going and a bottle of Rum. We left Cape Town at about 11:30AM, a steady 2 to 3 hour trip we took taking the N2, a rather stupid idea some people thought, to me this was for the scenery. A view of culture and spectacular land. While passing a township I realized I was being followed, I asked my partner what I should do but he just replied by saying I'm paranoid. This fucker behind us had full tinted windows and a low suspension, that being the case that there were allot of people inside. I said to my partner "There's no goddamn way I'm getting myself involved in whatever these idiots are planning!" my foot hit the accelerator pedal with full force, going from one lane to another trying to avoid the car.
Finally after a grueling 1 and a half minutes of speed we lost them, they followed us for a while then after about 30 seconds they must of realized that their car wasn't fast enough. Bunch of hooligans, never the less our mission was still on. We arrived and unpacked everything, following by some well deserved sleep.


Why was I here?
Did I really come here to meet with some idiot from Robertson?
Or has this just been one mess of confusion and doubt?
If so, then I might as well leave, people from small towns tend to get suspicious of mumbling no
brainers that come from the city side. Better to stay inside our campsite, I had another R210
for one more night and because of that my colleague would have to lie in the car until I set up
camp, due to the fact it was R90 per person. He was still completely out of it, didn't understand me at all, all he did was lay in the back of the car smoking invisible cigarettes
while grabbing the air occasionally. It looks like insanity lurks around, not the type of insanity we normally think of. It's the type that these other people have, from years and years of staying in a small space you forget about the outside. Paranoid about any outsiders, and how these outsiders will kill, rob or even rape you.

I realized it was time to recharge so I headed down to the local OK shop and brought the cheapest meat I could find, then soon afterwards I went to the chemist to buy some energy pills.
The woman at the counter was suspicious, "Who are you? What do you need these for and why?" I stood there stuttering my name "T.. T.. Terry Marais Look just give me the pills please I really need them, my friend is driving to Durban in a few hours and he is tired as anything and the only way to help is for you to give me the pills." She stared accusingly at me, as she walked to the other room to get them she STILL was looking at me on the right side of her shoulder, slowly opening the door and closing it. I was wearing sunglasses, looking constantly around the room always avoiding her. After a while she came back and gave them to me, I payed her and got the hell out of that cursed place. Thank fuck I'm a good friend, or this moron I brought with me
would probably be dead by now.
Earlier on he was shouting out the car window at people and accusing them of stealing his luggage, I turned around and shouted "Quite you fucking mad man! These people are maniacs they'll rip your head open!" He came back in the car frowning at me as if he was in some temper
tantrum, "You'll thank me in the morning, but for now get some rest. You look like you about to kill someone for god sakes". He quietly lie down and put a book over his face, finally... One problem solved, he mustv'e set our journey back at least 1 hour and 26 minutes. Time is critical
in the 21st century, you one minute late and you get that fateful call on your cell phone "You're late! I'm not interested!" shortly followed by a recurring beep.

In this day and age people are on your back whipping you like a slave 24/7 and the only way you can get rid of them is by adhering to the sacred rule set by those suit and tie wearing morons in the second car dealership industry "The customer is always right!". The customer is usually a man or woman that has no idea how your business works, asking questions after questions then
giving you tips on how to improve the way you run your business: most of the time I stand there with my hands on my hips pulling cliche faces and saying "wow really? I never knew that thanks
for the helpful info". Then the prick walks away with your quote and never calls back..
But the man I was meeting was an old customer of mine so that wouldn't be a problem, I called him to say we were running a bit late, he answered and I said "Hey man, Shaun's being a pain in the ass, but I'm sure you can understand why. I'll be there at 8 tonight."
Simple and friendly, just the man I like to do business with.

When I got back to the camp Shaun had passed out. I could see he was gonna be out for a very long time so I put him in the car. I had completely forgot about my meeting later that night, I couldn't care to be honest, the only time I did was to get that extra money for the DSTV connection I wanted. But TV isn't that important, and screw paying every month. I could use that on something important..


12:10 PM
I had slept for 16 hours solid.
Shaun was still asleep, and there were huge crowds of people in the camp.
Not our camp site but quite near to us.
All screaming and shouting to each other with a faint hiss from the meat on their braai being turned over. They were drunk already I imagined. Sounded like one hell of a party, a party I should definitely avoid. These were probably all ex border war personal from the 70s.
No way in hell I'd get involved with them, a sudden terror came to mind when I realized "Oh fuck!! I have to get out of here now before the owners ask me to leave and find out I have a companion passed out pale with vomit and mango juice stained clothing!"
I woke him up eventually with allot of water thrown on his face. "What? Where the hell are we? It's morning! We in cape town yet?" He asked. "You dumb shit, you basically fucked up the whole trip, now the owners are coming and if they find out I snuck you in they going to be pissed off!" I shouted while peaking through the side of a tree at the manager's office. My colleague got up with weak legs and asked "What do we do now? I rate we go back home and recover." "What are we gonna do? You mean what am I gonna do?! Get in the car now and cover yourself with blankets or clothing, anything to make these people leave us alone. Where's that petrol you gave me? I think the car's tank is running dry".

"It's in the boot, get me some of those chips out of there aswell." He was stumbling everywhere as if he ate a roofie or something, when he got to the car he couldn't even open the left back door, I opened it and the door hit him gently because he was leaning on it, he fell to floor afterwards scattering rocks like marbles. I burst into laughter and told him to get the fuck in the car, he got up slowly again and as soon as he reached knee level to the car I threw him in.
He was cursing me after I threw him in, kicking the windows and doors, I knew he wouldn't be able to break them, this car was built for idiots like these.

"Ok now shut the fuck up we leaving, you can cause trouble as soon as we leave this place OK?" I explained. He stared at me for a few seconds then covered himself with the blankets saying how much of a cunt I am. I thought this whole mess was hilarious, as long as this idiot behind me doesn't do anything stupid.
I packed everything and drove to the gate, the owner's wife was standing near it to wish us goodbye, I said thanks and drove off without starting good and proper conversation. Thank god for that, she would've sent one of those old ex Recce boer men to come catch us on the end of town.
Fuck that I thought, I told my colleague he could get in the front now but to my surprise he was asleep, such an insane maniac needs at least 10 to 16 hours of sleep to handle everyday life. We finally got out of that gross town and headed towards the cape of good hope, knowing I'd have no money for the next 10 days or so because I did not see that other idiot in Robertson I thought I should just stay at Shaun's place, nice flat near the Wittebome train station. Couldn't remember the name but I knew it was classy. Besides he owes me for all the rubbish from his behavior I had to put up with this whole trip.

As we drove back to Cape Town I passed alot of strange places and people, all different cultures and upbringings. Yet they all read and watch the same news as us everyday, and when they see it they'll either care or not, those who do care will give a speech to his friends or family about how this news has something to do with his life, bettering him or not. Then he'll say, "what program is after this? I think there's really good TV tonight if I'm right." Or if it's the news paper, "I wonder what good prices Game or HiFi corporation has today.." Maybe life is only good if it's good to you and when it's good to you, it's probably shit to the rest, and they make it their life's work to get what you have.