Monday, September 14, 2009

Misery Monkey Business... 06/2008

Started off early, round about 9pm.
A simple cider to signify the beginning of the end.
A short glance at each one of these idiots showed me what they really were. The women, dressing to impress, almost trying to look like something out of a magazine and the men, looking like typical coke heads to show their true angst towards society. In my opinion, these people looked like animals. Each one out doing eachother in the most complex yet childish ways. I walked past a crowd of them and overheard the local drug taking talk. A stupid way of explaining your involvement in this strange new sub-culture. One of them would start by explaining his drug-dealing operations, while the next would be sitting next to him wondering what to say next. How to beat this idiot. He knows absolutely everything in life is a competition, and he knows drug-abuse is the easiest competition to win.

I was sitting on the opposite end of the small room we were in, watching the kaleidoscopes forming slowly against the cigarette stained floor when suddenly, I was hearing some idiot shout at the top his voice to another guy holding a girls hand while he denies all that he had done. It took a while for me to get a grip of this man's idea he was trying to portray, eventually I understood that one of these men, probably the guy that was saying no the whole time, tried to spike the girl's drink with a dose of Scopolamine. A cruel fate in my eyes... Something you never want to get involved with. By this time everyone in the area I was in was shouting, all cursing each other, I realized something at that moment; I was surrounded by fucking animals... These people weren't the calm loving humans I thought I was living with. They were the scourge of the clan, the puke of Mother Nature. All pumped full of testosterone, ready to kill. The images I was seeing at this time reminded me of a typical life in the primate world, the males fighting for the females and fighting each other for dominance, all incidents of human error traced back to some sort of primal life. And the worst part of it all is realizing you're just one of them... Realizing you're just another one of these apes all just in a line waiting for the next moment of ecstasy in your short life. The only difference separating us from animals, is the fact we can express our primal feelings into material life. I got up from my seat, wiping my sweat soaked forehead in confusion, hearing the same reoccurring drum loop I was hearing an hour prior to that. People around me were dancing almost in trance, there wasn't any beat they were dancing to. They were dancing to an idea. An idea put in effect 10 years prior to that by some computer wizz with low confidence. Now he knows he can play anything for these idiots, a build up lasting 2 hours is just another night for him while he counts his cheque's in the mail.

I arrived in the other area of this place, a completely different environment. The people might've looked more civilized than the ones I was with earlier. But I can guarantee you, the only thing these idiots had on their mind was sex, booze and fighting. I waited cautiously at the bar for my drink, looking behind me I noticed how every man was trying to out do the next with dance. Trying to impress the woman, trying to show their potential. And I was reminded again about the apes... The bar tender came with my drink, I threw my money on the counter and walked off. There was no leaving this place, there wasn't even a safe haven for people like me so I sat down again, pretending to be heavily drunk, half closed eyes and unanswered questions. A short film idea went through my mind at that moment, a laboratory test as it looked. 2 Men in white coats, and a cage filled with monkeys. The men would stare at the camera looking at the clock in the distance shortly followed by saying "It's approximately 10am, the drug has been administered to the apes, now we have them in a congested space. If it's true what the rest of society says, this will open there mind." Slowly but surely it begins to take effect, starting off with a quite alertness. Then they begin doing strange things, like shaking the cage and staring blankly into the wall. And then there was one particular ape, the one who realized the end. The one horrified, staring at his hands from back to front. This one was the quite one, the rest were carrying on like hyper active children. One of the men got up from his chair to assess the situation, and he said to the quite one while grinning "It's working."

I opened my eyes, noticing some old friends again. Seeing people like that was the last thing on my mind, I glanced at them while I walked past to the front door. This wasn't my game. None of it ever was. The only thing to do in a moment like this is to accept it, nodding your head and shaking your leg against the floor while flickering your fingers on the table. This was the misery business, and to make your way in the misery business you have to act as though you know what you're doing. And to do that, all you need is to follow the ever crumbling laws of society...