Monday, September 14, 2009

Ninja. 2009

There is darkness, and there is light.
One or the other will bring each to fight.
For to be strong under pressure, there is set from right.
Underneath all to come, is the one with might.
Seven feet strong and marked with fright.
He is the amity man, a liar at heart bread only to fight.
Never crying, never bleeding.
And never to be seen in sight.
He bends down to offer one simple and honest plight.
"This is, my friend, the unwinnable war. I plead you calmly, for you will tremble with awe."
cloaked underneath the giant's shadow, the cat figure lowers his body towards the ground and gazes into his enemy's eyes.
His right hand slithers across his belt and a sharp glistening of light against his blade is the signal.
a split second goes by and he throws the blade 4 inches short of the eye
a sharp thump dims the environment around them...

"For this, my enemy is the last time we fight."
His weapons fall carelessly to the floor while his body holds stiff, paining him ever more.
A moaning giant lies hopeless ready to die, while the cat like figure moves closer to abide.
"A man who fights with pride will only grow to have nothing to hide.
That is why your ending has come. All in the blink of an eye."
He approaches the corpse, and leaves on top of it, a flower.
A notion of silence and a brief moment of prayer.
He scatters off into the distance with no-one to beware.