Monday, September 14, 2009

Terror Knight. 11/2007

I stood there looking at the people around me, every single person telling their whole life story in a movement of the body and mouth. I noticed how fake some people were, how they've gone through some form of hate for themselves through their lives and now they are trying to make it clear that they're a new person. The place I was at was a local bar called Horgam's. A shitty pub on the West side of town, filled with smoke and drunken idiots talking about what they did the night before and how intoxicated they were. I was alone, just an observer in and out from the crowd.

Keeping a safe distance and low profile I'd seldomly sit down and stare at each person noticing that they were all doing the exact same thing as one another. And how they were in a constant competition with themselves.. This wasn't the new age as those idiots from television would say, this was fucking human instincts at it's best. A crude idea of how primitive stupid people really are. This night would be known to haunt me for ages, the things that go on behind closed doors. The things you get told about in your early high school classes, about the people on a complete spiral down to their death from drugs and alcohol, and how they could ruin your life just by being friendly with them, almost like a goddamned leper. Throughout the night I had seen strange people, very strange people.. I recalled seeing 2 guys getting in an occupied toilet, these guys almost looked like the typical Cuban coke heads from that mid 1980's American program Miami Vice. I was standing next to the door with my water filled beer bottle wondering what the hell could be going on in there, rape? Or maybe the poor guy is getting robbed. Best to stay out of it, in fact better just to leave. These toilets were filled with excrement everywhere all over the floor. If I had to smell that again I knew I'd puke everywhere. Fucking lunatics...

In the end most of this seemed to make more sense than before, or was it just my mind telling me that. If it was then that must've been my in-cling to the insane. And from that thought, everything would just meltdown into a destructive mess of confusion and sadness.